Our Facility

Personal Training At Its Best

Thrive is an elite training gym located on Jackson Road in Ann Arbor, MI. This facility primarily focuses on assisting clients through personal training, group classes, self-defense, and training in various types of martial arts.

Our belief is that every individual, regardless of athletic ability, deserves to obtain the highest quality of life. Our training is merely a reflection of this belief, and as such we do not subscribe to any singular training modicum or dogma. Because of this, we not only offer individual customized training, but also offer world-class training in strength training, speed/agility, stabilization, mobility, self-defense, and conditioning.

Thrive training focuses on each persons individual health and fitness goals. Our smart and systematic training approach sets us apart from others, as we tailor everyone's workouts specifically for them based on their goals and fitness evaluation results. The fitness evaluation is designed to measure each clients current strength and conditioning levels, circumference measurements, weight and body fat percentage, and an in depth mobility test. 

Our philosophy to finding and maintaining success, while staying motivated with your health and fitness goals is: what gets measured, gets improved! We prioritize your success by helping you set measurable goals, and guiding you along the right path to ensure that you see and feel the results that you want!