Meet the Team



Owner, Master Trainer

I'm a certified personal trainer and owner of Thrive Fitness in Ann Arbor, MI. In November 2012, I opened Thrive Fitness when I was 22 years old. I obtained my national certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and my certification as a corrective exercise specialist in 2008. Since then, I've enthusiastically coached my clients towards achieving their fitness and life goals. I specialize in motivating people and pushing them to reach their full potential, exercise programming, nutritional counseling, assisted stretching, and corrective exercise. I'm most passionate about helping people, especially through personal training, health/wellness coaching, and inspiring others to reach their goals efficiently and successfully.

I make it a priority to help my clients set achievable goals, and educate them on the importance of strength training, cardiovascular health, flexibility and nutrition. I also place special emphasis on using strength training and assisted stretching to resolve muscular imbalances in problem areas such as the rotator cuff, lower back, hips, knees and ankles.

I have always been an athlete growing up and I have a huge passion for sports. My top sports are Wrestling, Boxing, Submission Wrestling, Football, and I currently compete as a NPC Men's Physique competitor.



Master Trainer

Alexus is a certified personal trainer of Thrive Fitness in Ann Arbor. She specializes in exercise programming, nutritional counseling, assisted stretching, and corrective exercise. Alexus also has experience in operations and management, making her a huge part of the Thrive team.

In school, Alexus studied Business and was a 3 star varsity athlete. Her top sports were basketball, volleyball, which she has the most passion for, and track, which she was an All American in the 4×100 M. event. Alexus currently competes as an NPC Bikini competitor. She’s a phenomenal athlete with incredible work ethic, and she shows that every single day with her attitude and performance inside and outside of the gym.

Alexus began her career as a personal trainer at Thrive in 2016, and will help change many lives with her skills in health and wellness. She understands the human body in terms of strength training, stretching, cardiovascular exercise, and nutrition at the highest level.

If you’re looking for a master trainer who is most passionate about her career and helping people, Alexus is your fitness coach!




Trinity Gahm is certified through the National Association of Sport Medicine as a personal trainer as well working towards becoming a registered yoga teacher. Trinity’s enthusiastic and well rounded approach to resistance training, corrective exercise, and yoga makes her an ideal fit for individuals who are just starting out in their fitness journey or those who need a little more direction on the path they’re forging for themselves!